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Country Girl Toffee

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Lois Bencangey, CA

This is the best toffee I have ever tasted!!  By far:
-Perfect texture and mouthfeel
-delicately crunch but not "break-your-teeth" hard
-Perfect saltiness, which adds to the sweetness
-Delicious butter and real almond flavor
-The very thin hit of chocolate and the almond dust on top are brilliant--they temper the sweetness and invite you to handle the pieces
-Rich, but not greasy

Amy Ben-Horin, CO

Sophia's toffee is hands down the best I've ever had.  I initially purchased a bag as a gift, but I ate it all on my own.  Simply irresistible!

John and Gena Cooper, TX

Amazing toffee!  Each hand made batch blended the required soft crunch with the melt-in-your-mouth toffee texture we love.  The sweetness doesn't overpower the chocolate and almond taste.  Delicious toffee!

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