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Hello all!

My name is Sophia Harris

You've stumbled upon, what I consider, the sweetest business around.  Toffee is rich in love and least my toffee is!


My husband, Daniel, and I live in the small town of Delta, Colorado.  I was born and (partially) raised in Russia, in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg.  In Russia, if you came to anyone's house as a guest, you had better come hungry.  We feed people.  That is how we show love and respect...through food.  It's no wonder I love to cook!

So, how did I come to live in Delta you may ask?  Well, besides cooking, my other passion is horses.  When we moved to the United States, my dad took me on a trail ride to reward me for some good grades.  I was hooked!  I took every opportunity to ride, train, and show in various disciplines.  I moved to Colorado in 2013, started my own horse training business, and shortly afterwards, met Daniel.  We have been training horses together ever since.  Actually, it's thanks to one of our clients that I learned how to make toffee.  I have been making toffee for 7 years now (mostly during the holidays), and finally decided to share this delicious treat with the rest of the calendar year.


I hope you take a chance and indulge yourself in the magic that is toffee.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

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